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RidgeWorth Recent Research

In a fast-paced market environment, intelligence that shines a light on the impact of geopolitical, economic and market environments can provide decision makers with timely insights that can make a difference. RidgeWorth’s marketing and thought leadership capitalizes on the expertise of the portfolio managers and analysts who execute our style-specific strategies.

The Lowdown on High Yield

January 2016
High profile headlines have rocked the high yield market. Is the fear warranted? No—and it may be the best potential buying opportunity we’ll see for years.

The Lowdown on High Yields
Leveraged Debt Moves Forward
Seix High Yield Funds Investment Idea 2
Seix High Yield Funds Focus

Key Concepts in Investor Behavior

December 2015
Understanding key behavioral finance concepts can help advisors and their clients make smarter financial decisions, even amid volatility and uncertainty that often plague investors.

Behavioral Finance White Paper
Change the Conversation Brochure

Opportunity in Changing Winds: The Right Environment for Active Management?

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November 2015
Could we be heading into an environment that will once again favor active management? After decades of underperforming their benchmarks, active managers may soon regain the upper hand.

Active Management White Paper - Opportunity in Changing Winds
Large Cap Growth Stock Fund PM Perspective
Large Cap Growth Stock Fund Investment Idea
Large Cap Value Equity Fund PM Perspective

Total Return Bond Management: Full Market Cycle Demystified

September 2015
Investors focused on the timing and magnitude of an interest rate rise may be missing the more practical opportunity to add consistent performance alpha to their investment grade bond allocations.

Total Return Bond Management - Full Market Cycle Demystified
Seix Total Return Bond Fund Investment Idea
Seix Total Return Bond Fund Investment Idea 2
Seix Total Return Bond Fund PM Perspective

A Changing World of Investment Opportunity

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September 2015
Secular demographic trends offer attractive long-term international large cap growth potential but capturing consistent outperformance in today’s markets requires focus.

A Changing World White Paper
International Equity Fund PM Perspective
RidgeWorth Insights: International Equity Market Review 4Q15
International Equity Fund Fact Sheet

Leveraged Loan Funds: Debunking the Myths

More Information

April 2015
Common misconceptions about the leveraged loan market have caused some investors to miss out on an asset class that may provide income–and a dose of portfolio protection when interest rates rise.

Leveraged Loan Funds: Debunking The Myths
Seix Floating Rate High Income Fund PM Perspective
Seix Floating Rate High Income Fund Investment Idea
Seix Floating Rate High Income Fund Focus

All investments involve risk. Information provided is general and educational in nature. This information may coincide or conflict with activities of the portfolio managers. It is not intended to be, and should not be construed as investment, legal, estate planning, or tax advice. RidgeWorth does not provide legal, estate planning, or tax advice.