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About Our Funds

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The RidgeWorth Funds family provides investors with a range of equity funds, bond funds and asset allocation funds. We believe that the best equity funds and best bond funds are those that have managers who remain true to their investment disciplines over the long term. The best equity funds and best bond funds for investors may not be the ones with the highest absolute performance, but rather, the funds that perform the way they are supposed to perform in different market environments, and contribute to a well-diversified portfolio. Take a look at the funds we have to offer, which may help you build a well-diversified portfolio.

RidgeWorth Investments Mutual Funds

  • Competitive long-term performance relative to benchmarks and peer groups.
  • Style discipline over time implemented by seasoned investment professionals.
  • 28 funds to help meet the varying goals and risk tolerances of individual and institutional investors.

Equity Funds

  • Value Equity — Large Cap, Mid-Cap, and Small Cap*
  • Growth Equity — Large Cap and Small Cap
  • International Equity — Active Management
  • Natural Resources Equity — Active Management

Fixed Income Funds

  • Fixed Income (Taxable) — Investment Grade through High Yield; short and intermediate term
  • Fixed Income (Tax Free) — National and State-Specific; short term, intermediate and long term

Asset Allocation Funds

  • Target Risk — Fund-of-Funds designed for investors with different risk tolerances

*Effective 4/20/12, the RidgeWorth Ceredex Small Cap Value Equity Fund is closed to new investors.

RidgeWorth Fund Family Overview