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RidgeWorth International Limited

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RidgeWorth International Ltd. is the global distribution and client service platform for U.S.-based RidgeWorth Investments' family of investment management boutiques1

International Investment Expertise

RidgeWorth Investments' family of investment management boutiques1 includes:

  • Ceredex Value Advisors LLC
  • Seix Investment Advisors LLC
  • Silvant Capital Management LLC
  • Zevenbergen Capital Investments LLC2

Through its boutiques, RidgeWorth offers 18 primary equity and fixed income investment styles including the following key strategies: 

  • High Yield and Leveraged Loans
  • Core and Core Plus Fixed Income
  • Structured Credit
  • Value Equity
  • Growth Equity

1RidgeWorth wholly owns Ceredex Value Advisors LLC, Seix Investment Advisors LLC and Silvant Capital Management LLC, and has a minority interest in Zevenbergen Capital Investments.

2Investment advisory services of Zevenbergen Capital Investments LLC (ZCI) are not available for promotion or sale by RidgeWorth International Ltd.