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Our Boutiques and Investment Managers

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Each of our strategies provides a distinctive approach suitable to the pursuit of outperformance within their asset class. There is no one-size-fits-all methodology. Instead, each boutique and subadviser executes in accordance with its proprietary approaches.

Complementing Styles, Individual Expertise

Our independent approach builds on the strengths of individual managers to create differentiated strategies, while providing opportunity for collaboration. While each boutique and subadviser is unique, one thing does not vary: an unwavering commitment to excellence.

Capital Innovations is an independent asset management firm that serves as a subadviser to RidgeWorth Investments. With a long history of innovation in real asset investing, Capital Innovations employs precise engineering, competitive construction and unique ideas to their investment solutions. Their investment approach is anchored by a disciplined, risk-focused process.

A value equity boutique within the RidgeWorth family, Ceredex Value Advisors has managed money for institutions, endowments, foundations and high-net-worth investors since 1995. Portfolio managers and analysts collaborate to execute on bottom-up, company-by-company research, seeking to identify catalysts in undervalued, dividend-paying stocks when constructing value-oriented portfolios.

Seix Investment Advisors is an investment management boutique in the RidgeWorth family focused exclusively on managing fixed income securities since 1992. Seix seeks to generate competitive absolute and relative risk-adjusted returns over the full market cycle through a bottom-up focused, top-down aware process. Seix employs multi-dimensional approaches based on strict portfolio construction methodology, sell disciplines and trading strategies with prudent risk management as a cornerstone.

A growth equity boutique within the RidgeWorth family, Silvant Capital Management, leverages the passion and talents of a diverse, experienced group of investment professionals. Guided by their belief that growth companies can be found in every corner of the economy, Silvant strives to evaluate positive secular trends and disruptive products and services that can change the business landscape, identifying those companies best positioned to exceed investor expectations.

WCM Investment Management is an independent asset management firm that serves as a subadviser to RidgeWorth Investments. WCM seeks to identify large growth international companies that are growing their competitive moats, exhibiting strong corporate cultures and are poised to benefit from trends that are providing sustainable headwinds. WCM’s investment team focuses on industry-leading, non-U.S. organizations led by visionary management teams with sound business strategies.

Zevenbergen Capital Investments is a growth equity boutique in which RidgeWorth has an ownership interest. For over a decade, the investment team has worked together, applying rigorous fundamental research to build exclusively high growth portfolios. By maintaining an independent, fundamental research focus, the team is able to identify and capitalize on potential investment opportunities that may enhance performance results. ZCI believes that concentrated positions in well-researched companies, combined with active management decisions, will outperform broadly diversified benchmarks given an appropriate time horizon.